Team FIN
The Financial Independence Network

Together Everyone


The Financial Independence Network

TeamFIN was created to accelerate the explosive growth of your new Ambit business, by providing a support system to sponsor and train new consultants.

What’s in a Name?

Team stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

Our Team is an organization of leaders, who work together and set a pace that is above what was previously achievable. Our support system is successful because of the involvement of everyone on the Team.

FIN stands for the Financial Independence Network.
Our mission is to make sure you achieve your Financial Goals.

Team Conference Calls & Business Presentations

Conference calls and business presentations are designed to help you build your business, we recommend that you commit to participating in as many conference calls and presentations as your schedule permits. This allows you to spend time with successful Ambit leaders and boost your knowledge level by learning from people who have already achieved success. (Business Presentations) (Conference Calls)

Build your Ambit business and be paid for what you start.....if everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot!

"You Can Make Money or Make Excuses, but You Can't do BOTH"